Carbon negative concrete

Carbon negative concrete

Overview « Novacem.

Carbon emission in construction, has been a concern for all environmentalists because of the deterioration of our ozone layer and the effects it has been generating for years. LEED consultants have always showed us Architects, that there are many strategies that we can use to lessen carbon emission construction, such as reducing the demolition materials and reusing structures. Novacem has created this new form of concrete base on manganesiun oxide silicates, for which process of manufacture more carbon dioxide is absorbed than is emitted. As described in their presentation, “The addition of the hydrated magnesium carbonated, has two important advantages: Improves mechanical strength to the cement system by modifying the cement hydration chemistry. The carbonates are net sinks of CO2 so the cement can achieve a carbon negative footprint during production stage”. Now that is pretty amazing!

Today, traditional portland cement carries a lot of environmental complications in its production. It needs carbonate feedstock which releases CO2 to the environment when processed, while this new technology utilizes magnesium silicates, which is a raw material, so no CO2’s coming out of it. Perfectly good idea in terms of LEED contribution.

It seems to be a great shot here by Novacem, let’s see if it can be produced all around the world so we can incorporate this great product in the Caribbean!, as it is developed in London, can you bring over to our side of hemisphere?

So go on and download the info in this presentation, there’s even more to read about! These people have been winning awards for their innovative product for 2 years in a row! Let’s keep in touch for 2013!.

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