No more cracks!: Sunlight-induced self-healing concrete coating.

No more cracks!: Sunlight-induced self-healing concrete coating.

It is a constant construction preoccupation of Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Builders, the issue of having cracks on walls, slabs or roofs. Cracks are an evolving issue that generates other issues in account. It not attended, water filtration, fungus, and sick buildings can be created, depending of where this crack is at.

MIT Scientists have proven that sunlight can cure concrete cracks in a demonstration done to a sliced slab and the regeneration seen in microscopic views.
The solution is they stated in MIT news:

The new coating contains polymer microcapsules, filled with a solution that, when exposed to light, turns into a water-resistant solid. The idea is that damage to a coated concrete surface would cause the capsules to break open and release the solution, which then would fill the crack and solidify in sunlight.Microsoft Word - Figures CCC

As concrete can be regenerated unpon cracking, asphalt can do the same for streets performance. Watch Eric Schlangen at TEDx Delft explain and test the materials live. Witness how 2 pieces of solid asphalt join together after slicing in the next video:

New Research Demonstrates Effectiveness of Sunlight-Induced, Self-Healing Concrete Coating | MIT Technology Review.

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