16 years old prodigious innovator Kelvin Doe for MIT

16 years old prodigious innovator Kelvin Doe for MIT

I can’t be more impressed by this ingeniously great kid from Sierra Leone, Africa.  As necessity is the mother of all inventions, Kelvin opened up his eyes to his environment in hopes of making it better, so he practically lighted up all his neighborhood with a battery made of metal, soda and alkali. He is also called DJ Focus, as he called himself after his moto:

“I believe if you focus, you can do an invention perfectly”.

Kelvin designed his own amplifier and microphone using mixers and broadcasted music for his community heard by everyone in it as DJ Focus radio. As a self-taught electrical engineer, it is an impressive outbreak for someone his age becoming part of MIT’s department of innovation. Wired UK, recently found out that he just signed a $100,000 contract with a Canadian company Sierra WiFi to research, design, test and develop his own solar panel technology to be installed all around his town at Sierra Leone. He also appeared in TEDx Teens, explaining briefly his accomplishments, goals and dreams with an outstanding energy that only the will to create and help others in community, can make it excellent.

Don’t miss out the video. It can’t be more inspiring.!!!

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