Design & Make 2012/13 AA School of Architecture

Design & Make 2012/13 AA School of Architecture

Design & Make 2012/13 – YouTube.

Experimental schools such as AA School of Architecture in London are catching my attention with what students are creating in their program: Design and Make.
This next video is a tease of what they are capable of creating and what how interesting is the connection between Architects and industrial design, something very necessary for the time being in terms of permanent construction “la crisis”. As industrial design in terms of Architectural design, is resumed as temporary, there is much more to it than it meets the eye. Pavillions are an example of temp but for schools is perfect for learning students, for professional like Zaha Hadid and her pavillions represent an idea of a future development. One can even ask: Is there a posibility of Architecture to be as morphing as a temporary pavillion?

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