Samples of bio-engineered leather are here, are we ready for meat samples?

Samples of bio-engineered leather are here, are we ready for meat samples?

As you may have heard or read about, Bio-engineered meat and leather is a plan for 2017, as in to be on the market of a store near you. A June TED talk showcased this interesting presentation by Andras Frogacs, an entrepreneur and tech investor who founded Modern Meadow and who previously had co-founded Organovo, an organization intended to the development of 3d printed tissue. At Modern Meadow, his father and him were encouraged by suggestions coming from the tissue development of actually producing meat and leather without harming the animals.

I am not a vegetarian but  I trully respect animals, and after this TED Talk, I could easily consider to go meatless. In my personal opinion, i would not consume Bio-engineered meat, but this new concept of leather, is what I consider an advance. PETA and ASPCA would totally appreciate both options although one is under the survival chain, the other (leather bags) is not.

The process is made by the extraction of cells and collagen tissue of the animal, multiplied and arrayed to create a sheet of cells and then layered to create thickness; furthermore, it is tanned and finished to the desired quality. As this is just the process for leather creation, which will be the effects on humans ingesting cultured meat? As for the bags, coats, shoes and other items in leather, the value is going to be affected, designers will have to adapt to this new material just as they have done with 3d printing. At least animals wouldn’t suffer.

Is humanity ready for this? In the venture of what rumors say that we have to be capable of developing our own goods, carrying our own Makebots and maintaining our little farms of plants and animals; is depending on Engineered products going to help the self-sufficient environment? Everything explained by Frogacs in the TED is environmentally conscious in terms of production and animal cruelty, but what about in terms of consumption?? Is mankind ready to ingest lab meat?
What’s your opinion on this?

Meditemos en eso.”

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