Metamorphic materials are in vogue, the future is now.

Metamorphic materials are in vogue, the future is now.


We have learned that NITINOL is a combination of minerals that allow certain materials to move in reaction to heat or magnetism. In this case, the material is a textile that has the capability of shape and movement, but without NITINOL?
Hungarian Textile designer Zsuzsanna Szentirmai-Joly, has designed what their company calls Laokoon, a series of layered combined materials composed of plastic, wood, paper and leather.

It may not have rules, but it does have a structure. Indeed, Laokoon may be best understood not as a material per se, but as a system. Strips of other materials—such as plastic, wood, paper, or leather—are laced together using a proprietary system developed by the Hungarian textile and tapestry designer Zsuzsanna Szentirmai-Joly. “The shape is basically a matrix that can be applied in different—but, of course, not endless—material variations,” Szentirmai-Joly says.


source: core 77

The possibilities of watching many things at home moving, changing color or shape are a step away of being a common thing. Technology is rising as the speed of light and soon we will be incorporating this ideas in many other uses. As we have seen in many futuristic movies such as “Tron” or even more recently “Upside Down”, technology and science aid the process of design. Although many processes do not require much technology, science is there. We will always seek for innovative processes of altering the existence of and item, and this post is not the exception.

Laokoon, has been showcased at the London Design Fair 2013 in the shape of the most recent design of this Laokoon company, the Enso Lamp.


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