A collision of local Architects and Designers boomed in Puerto Rico.

A collision of local Architects and Designers boomed in Puerto Rico.


This weekend was the time shine for Boom! The future of Latin American Design Fair, internationally and locally addressed by fine designers, arranged by Muuaaa, a puerto rican company directed by Curator Celina Nogueras and Architect Miguel Miranda,  dedicated to graphic design, marketing and events. The fair was held at Ponce’s Fair Center of Puerto Rico, exposing gret products and designers, local and internationally aclaimed.
Many things caught my eyes, but one little detail pertained, besides good desing: there was a massive exposure of Graduate Architects, Registered Architects and students, actually doing Industrial Design. The future of Latin American Design is apparently marked by the knowledge of Architecture in all degrees. I am glad this is again, publicly displayed.

At the fair, we enjoyed companies such as Constructo integrated by Architect and Industrial Designer Javier Olmeda along with his colleague Architect and Product Designer Oscar Ramos. One of their pieces displayed is the M3 Table (first left image).
Industrial Designer Victor Monserrate who dedicates his work upon recycling materials and creating crafty surfaces, was working live with large size wicker ball with exposing the process to viewers. No-tire Reuse, is a one of a kind creative line of men and women accessories, all crafted with up-cycled discarded tires. It is amazing the kind of detail and perfection achieved by designer Jesús Gómez.


Schools of Architecture had presence at the fair exposing student projects from many stages, as well as the status of Graduates today. The Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico School of Architecture was there with an array of works from many years of teaching Architecture and showcasing new programs and Masters degrees. School of Architecture at the Pontificial Catholic University of Puerto Rico, dedicated their space with models and 3d designs promoting their FabLab. Talking about students: Natalia Maldonado, almost graduate of PUPR school of Architecture, exposed jewelry going by the brand Lulú, with pieces inspired by the façades of Puerto Rico’s historical building skins.


Along with them, we struck into an innovative idea of the early 2000’s by Architect José Fernando Vázquez. The Spiritree, a new concept of burial urn that saves the environment by inserting a living capsule of your late beloved on the ground. By the time, a tree comes out of the capsule with an inspiring idea of dead as natural product. As innovation proceeds, it can not be more interesting than an Architect designing bio-cars such as the Campus Rider by Architect Fernando Abruña. As being the first to insert USGBC (Green Building Council for those who don’t know), into Puerto Rico. Constant innovator of green technologies and designer of intelligent houses. What else can we ask him for!? The Campus Rider is all handmade, solar and battery powered and promises to be an innovative form of transportation in the city.


There were even much more projects and designers to be mentioned here such as Task, Punky Accessories, La Productora, which all have something in common: their main base of knowledge is Architecture. The majority of the designers and entrepreneurs studied for a few years the profession, finished it, did a masters degree, or got licensed and diversified. This is what we have to aim for, this is exactly what we need to embrace upon the scarcity of the profession and the need to seek our own sources of production.

We can do better and we will, we just have to get on to it and get our hands dirty.

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