Biodegradable urn commemorates life through nature.

Biodegradable urn commemorates life through nature.

Cemetery concerns go far from extreme use of space, contamination and under used public spaces, although some of them have limited opening hours, others seem to be parks but convey the obvious cemetery all around you. In recent years, cemeteries have been re-designed, from beginning to end, from procession to burying. In some cases, citizens do not agree with the cinerary process, complaining about the contamination generated from the gases extracted by the chimneys, something really high-tech nowadays. But think about it, isn’t it worst to bury someone inside a niche in a coffin or six feet under left to decompose with all its gases, when most of the time these get desecrated by thieves and left unstable to environment? Well not anymore! Forgive me for being harsh, but we have have to look closer.

The Spiritree

Spiritree ®, biodegradable cinerary urn.

Spiritree® , is a bio-degradable cinerary urn that can transform the memory of our beloved ones into nature’s own. Designed by Puerto Rican Architect José Fernando Vázquez, this product truly resembles an example of sustainable design with poetic results. Solving the lack of space and carbon footprint of each and one of those traditional ground burials and wall niches, this innovative urn, is exactly the birth of a tree that resembles our loved ones by generating into a new form of life able to contain more life, providing for humanity and creating shelter and homes for other organisms. This is just outstandingly poetic!

The Spiritree - top and bottom

The Spiritree showing Ceramic top and Soil organic mineral base.


• Composite matter from soil minerals.
• Various soil compositions.
• Ceramic top for pressure.

External agents comprise:
• Human Ashes along with unique composition of each human being.
• Rain as natural event.
• Microorganisms in the soil.

Growth Illustration of Spirit Tree.

Process of burying and cultivation with Spirit Tree® urns.

Commonly, the natural biological and chemical process behind Spiritree®, is a reaction between environmental processes, human ashes and decomposition. The process graphically shown is as follows:
Acid rainfall starts to weaken bit by bit the ceramic shell, which is pressurizing the buried ashes (alkaline material comprised of carbonates and calcium phosphates). The composite material on the bottom starts to disintegrate and mix up with the minerals found in ashes and soil, neutralizing the existing soil’s PH and turning into an organic ultra rich fertilizer.

Underground relation of materials with upper ground environmental changes.

Underground relation of materials with upper ground environmental changes.

The contact of the organic material with the selected soil where the ash burial will occur, create an organic combination that will not carry any contaminant to the soil, instead, it will feed it with minerals found in unique human ashes comprised of carbonates and calcium phosphates and most of the time metals,  found in the human skeleton. To be precise in this information cremation companies surely guarantee that no organic matter from the human body remains. Tissues and organs at high temperature evaporate though vaporization and oxidation.

The purpose of Spiritree®

I have learned that when there’s an uncertainty, there’s always something behind. Cinerary processes tend to scare off many people, but in time you will learn that us human beings, are intended to serve not only as a source for scientific studies but also as an organic source for environmental enrichment, which is in need today and will be substantially harmed if not addressed.

Find more information about Spiritree® and learn more about the products convenience, options and availability, also you can buy it here. This is something to really think of.


• All Spiritree® images, provided by José Fernando Vázquez.

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