Taking materials to the fullest with the least possible

Taking materials to the fullest with the least possible

“Materials driven. process led. Industrial Design”, is British designer Benjamin Hubert’s main statement towards design, materials and industrial design. In his recent interview in Azure Magazine, his explanations towards industrial design and production, address the importance of material saving, doing less with a long term use. By reducing the amount of materials to create a single chair he manages to fabricate faster and sleeker. Benjamin has explored with plywood, fabric, paper, foam, concrete, plastic and so many more, creating furniture and lamps with ingenious designs.


AZURE Magazine Mar/Apr 2014

Azure- Ben

AZURE Magazine Mar/Apr 2014

Undoubtedly, process is as important as the understanding of the materials in matter. Designing with materials first has been demonstrated here, that  accelerates the process of design and performs better aesthetics with function.
His main design, Ripple Table, has granted him design a nomination for Design of the year 2014 by Design Museum and exhibitions at London Design Festival.
Ripple is born out of a corrugated panel called CorelamLightweight, thin and integral, a panel not yet design for large designs, was found tested by Benjamin Hubert and conquered. Measuring 7 feet long, this table conquered the possibilities by which Corelam wasn’t aware of.




Corelam is a 3 ply- plywood with integrated properties that can defy skepticism.
• Lightweight
• Acoustical (diffusion, reflection and absorption)
• Flexible
• Thermally Bonded, uses melanine glue to bond each ply.
• Class 3 Fire rating.
• Impact Resistant
• Moisture Resistant
• UV Resistant
• Good for CNC processing.

Find more information about Corelam here.

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