OneLab Future Cities: Global Architecture and Design Program

OneLab Future Cities: Global Architecture and Design Program

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This is ONE Lab, New York School for Design + Science, where INmatteria will be attending and  broadcasting a complete month of work towards Global Architecture and Design this July, 2014. My attention has been drawn towards the work they perform and how they incorporate technologies like parametric design, soft architecture and programming, with urbanism, social ecologies and materials pertaining the performance of Future Cities.

As my intentions with this blog comprise spreading the word, questioning myself and explaining to you readers; what I hereby present is an extension to document my knowledge and ideas acquired through the workshop, but will be greatly strengthened with additional support. If you would like to sponsor this extended education in order to help  with more information on research and content for this blog, you can do so through the link below. Any donations will be very welcome and appreciated more than you think, provided that in exchange you will be included in the list of sponsors for INmatteria.

I invite you to keep reading and learn more about the program’s orientation, which is offered every summer and with longer terms on Spring and Winter at various countries.

This next description is a briefing of what to expect at the workshop and extracted from the website:

“The ONE Lab Summer Session 2014 on Future Cities (July 7th to August 1st, 2014) will take place at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.The school will address one illuminating hypothesis: in the future, cities will grow to be self-sufficient in their critical necessities through massive public works and infrastructural support. The studio will explore the effects of technological interventions that can have profound impacts on the planet as a whole.”

Studio – Four weeks of intense exploration of the productive future of the city. Using New York as a laboratory, the studio will rethink what is salubrious about the city, in both its forms and its life. The studio will meet for six hour every week day. Every Friday, we will have reviews with distinguished critics. The final review on August 1st will be a day-long celebration of the future of cities.
Lectures TED style talks given by world renown architects, biologists, ecologists, industrial designers and artists offering radically new responses to the real needs and aspirations of future cities.
Workshops – In series of workshops the participants will learn the processes of urban farming, synthetic biology, smart materials and nanotechnology, growing materials, scripting and computational modeling for controlled growth.

(Information extracted from ONELAB)


One of Brooklyn’s Navy Yard building, acquired by OneLab in association with Terraform, have created this neat space inside one of the Navy Yard’s abandoned buildings. The image below is a representation of the new layout proposed for this Industrial building housing laboratories, workshops, fablab, study and exhibition areas.





ONE Lab New York School of  Design + Science, is led by the following people. Links are available by name connecting you with more the owner’s website:

Co-Chairs: Maria Aiolova, LEED AP and Mitchell Joachim, PhD 
Program Director: Christian Hubert

Vito Acconci, Acconci Studio
David Benjamin, The Living
Martina Decker,  Decker Yeadon
Alexander Felson, PhD, Yale
Melanie Fessel, Terreform ONE
Graham Hill, Treehugger
Ellen Jorgensen, PhD, Genspace
Janna Levin, PhD, Barnard Columbia University
Kaja Kuehl, Youarethecity
Marni Jajorelle, Alive Structures
Mary Mattingly, Waterpod
Walter Meyer, Local Office Landscape
Oliver Medvedik, PhD, Genspace
Paul D. Miller, a.k.a. DJ Spooky
Amanda Parkes, PhD, Bodega Algae
James Patten, PhD, Patten Studio
Peter Raymond, Human Condition Global
Nina Tandon, PhD, Columbia University
Skylar Tibbits, MIT, SJET
Jason Vollen, CASE RPI
Bill Washabaugh, Hypersonic

Considering the amount of interesting people here listed, I feel more than happy to attend this workshop and learn as much as possible to enrich myself through the path of materials, innovation, technology along with design. Besides this professional list, there will be more classmates (professionals and currently enrolled students) with interesting ideas to spread where we will be sharing and learning from each other.

One again, thank you always for the constant support and for reading INmatteria.


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