PAMM | Perez Art Museum of Miami. Zooming in.

PAMM | Perez Art Museum of Miami. Zooming in.

Perez Art Museum of Miami, designed by Herzog & De Meuron is one of the most highly detailed buildings with a fine finished line. This $220,000.00 structure belonging to the Cuban Billionaire Jorge Pérez is the house of many artworks by famous artists and private collections of the owner itself.  Forbes online, describes Mr. Pérez at the time when the building was still unfinished:

Perez, the 64-year-old Cuban-American billionaire, has been known to brush his fingers across many of the artworks in this unfinished building on Biscayne Bay in downtown Miami. It’s a hard habit for him to break. After all, much of the art in the soon-to-be-opened art museum came directly from his Coconut Grove home.

Next up is a brief description of the museum’s Architecture in close up images and a video by Forbes online for your enjoyment. All materials on this building look finely placed and with high quality finish and hard working dedication. No wonder it’s construction cost was so high. Although, it is a must see place to go when in Miami so I thank my friends Lorimar Martínez and José Luis Fortuño for taking the time and explore it with me.

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