This sustainable material is a Carbon Buster Concrete.

This sustainable material is a Carbon Buster Concrete.

Cement production is the leading pollution-producing material ever man-made. The process requires an enormous amount of energy which also emits large amounts of CO2 to the environment, leading to an extremely harmful environmental impact.
As chemical engineers are already aware of this, we have to accept its existence until a new mixture replaces this centennial material and Roman heritage. In the meantime, a British company called Lignacite is producing a carbon negative concrete block called the Carbon Buster, made out of 50% recycled material, sequestering aproximately 30 pounds of Carbon Dioxide.

The name goes by its actions, just as Lignacite comes partly from the latin word lignum, which means wood and it’s Carbon Buster’s main aggregate. The Carbon Buster captures more CO2, than it is emitted while manufactured. A series of aggregates are incorporated into the mixture, such as wood shavings, which act as carbon dioxide (CO2) sequester without allowing it to return to the environment. The blocks also contain Carbon 8, an accelerated carbonation technology (ACT) that helps industrial waste to absorb as much CO2 as possible during manufacturing. During the process of photosynthesis, plants that provide wood, absorb 4x the CO2 as either straw or hemp, and its hard strength, aids the concrete mix to settle.

Carbon 8 is another British company dedicated to the task of eliminating carbon emissions and greenhouse gases from the environment and who joint-ventured with Lignacite in this environmental task. By this process of accelerated carbonation technology (ACT), Carbon 8 has been able to treat wastes such as: slag, water treatment slug, pyrotechnia contamination on soils and soap manufacturing.


Carbon 8 pellets, part of the components found inside a Carbon Buster block

As described by Lignacite experts:

Carbon Buster’s carefully selected combination of raw materials result in a walling product that is carbon neutral and therefore can be specified for building projects that aim to achieve a low carbon design.”

Undoubtedly this material represents an advance on construction materials for its significant sustainability. These blocks can be used above and below ground, performing with a high level of air tightness, sound insulation and fire resistance.

In a nugget, hereby Carbon Buster block’s properties:

• Sizes are about 17″x 8″ rounded up.
• Thermal conductivity of 0.79 W/mK @ 3% moisture content
• Fire Resistance: Class A1
• Color: medium gray.
• Sound insulation: Excellent levels between buildings and adjoining rooms.

Lignacite also maintains the idea of recovering the Earth from harsh construction works and processes of manufacturing by incorporating other techniques such as the recycling of glass into the concrete mix. Same goes to powder coated glass for a glow in the dark surface. The shell-block is also another innovation which Lignacite works on, consisting of the addition of discarded or found shells and providing it as an aggregate to the mix.

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