Blingcrete: Light reflective concrete surface

Blingcrete: Light reflective concrete surface

The new year 2015 started and it deserves a little material bling over that serious and brutalist material called concrete. Blingcrete™ is the representation of a very curious material because of its light-reflectance capacity combined with the positive characteristics of concrete: fire safety, solidity and building construction methods. The use of sunlight or artificial light directly for surface reflectance, shows energy savings on the long term life use of the building exterior lighting.

 How does it work?

Blingcrete™ incorporates an array of glass microspheres embedded in the substrate of the concrete. This lowtech mode of light projection, creates a different aesthetic by enlightening the surface according to the position of the surface, light source and recipient, providing a temporary effect.


blingcrete diagram

As you can see on this diagram, artificial light is projected towards the glass spheres and reflected back to the viewer. It will not shine by itself as it will always require a light source just like the Egyptians used to illuminate their chambers inside the pyramids with the use of mirrors and sunlight. Possibly, the use of blingcrete is accordingly adjusted, I would say it could work as those Egyptian mirrors. The following images provided by Blingcrete™ representatives, exemplify what can be achieved with this composite material based on concrete. From way finding, floor patterns, walls finishes and seating areas, there is plenty of creative applications provided by Blingcrete™.

News is, Blingcrete™ will be presenting new features on this new year at the BAU Fair 2015 in Munich. Part of the features are: the “Nearfield Communication”, the “Touchcrete” and the “Dyscrete”, displaying innovation in concrete with sensorial devices and other advances. The following images are a display of various finishes that can be obtained with Blingcrete™, colors, textures, glass sphere sizes and array, can clearly make your project even more dynamic and custom.

Blingcrete™ is winner of the International Tunneling Award 2014 and previously won the Gold prize for the Material Design Award of 2012.


Find more information about Blingcrete™ here. If you would like to know more about this product or apply it to any of your projects, feel free to contact INmatteria©

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