Problem solving: Is your exterior wall "chalking"?

Problem solving: Is your exterior wall “chalking”?


Have you ever adhered yourself to a house or old building, and stained your jeans with a white paint powder? Well, that exactly is called Chalking or powdering condition of paint. Is the conglomeration of a white, chalky powder on the painted surface, mostly of light colors. Visually, paint color might have a faded appearance in color as a result of weathering which is the moment when paint weathers and the binder degrades in time by sunshine and moisture, separating the binder from the pigment. Chalking is normal at some degree of the manufacturer’s intentions, but it should never appear in a heavy chalking.

Paint manufacturers mostly agree on the following possible causes:

• The use of oil-based paints tend to create this chalking effect more than latex paints.
• The use of low-grade, high pigmented paints.
• The use of interior paints on exteriors is a major drawback causing paint to erode earlier that exterior paint, causing chalking.
• Over-thinning a coating.
• Not adequately sealing porous surfaces and cleaning before painting.
• Applying the paint solution too thin.

If excessive chalking happens, other consequences might arouse:

• Chalk can reach the underlying structure and deface the appearance of the surface.
• It will lighten the paint color.
• It can erode the paint film reducing its protection to the substrate.

To solve this chalking situation, follow this tips:
1. Wash the surface with a cleaner to remove the chalk completely and let the surface dry.
2. Water blasting is also another method of surface preparation
To avoid this situation to happen again, make sure to follow the “causes” mentioned above which are the reasons this condition occurs. Remember also to always use higher-quality acrylic coatings to extend the life of your painting work.

So there you have it, next time you paint your home or building, make sure you take this painting tips with you.

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Resene: the paint the professionals use.
Sherwin Williams- chalking (powdering)

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