Wasting materials: Chewing gum

Wasting materials: Chewing gum

Chewing gum is considered the second most common litter after cigarette butts and we seemed not to care about it until I encountered this interesting infographic by Custommade.com
The information presented is directed towards the reusing of this material and how to dispose of it using ingenious techniques created by people who care about the environment. Originally, Chewing gum was designed to be 100% biodegradable, made out of natural rubber-producing tree called Manilkara Chicle, found in Central America from Mexico to Colombia, this is why in latin america you ask: -“¿Vendes chicle?” – Do you sell any chewing gum?
But what do we do with this engineered version of “chicle” that doesn’t biodegrade and just sticks to the ground or any other surface, like grout or dried asphalt?

Check this out:


This is Gumdrop Bin in London.

Project Gumdrop Bin, addresses the littering situation produced by commerce and us consumers with this edible rubber. The idea is to insert in the bin all the possible amount of “chicle” as it can get. As a closed cycle, this bin is then taken to a recycling facility and is processed to be transformed into another Gumdrop Bin, so there is basically no waste! This cannot get more sustainable that it already is. The next image clearly explains this abc process, and yes, someone thought of it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 11.00.25 PM

Now for your enjoyment, I have included the infographic that has it all from A to Z. Learn here about Bubble Gum, how it contaminates the environment and what solutions are there in the market as this fabulous Gumdrop Bin and other interesting ideas.

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Not-So-Green Gum: Is Chewing Sustainably a Reality?

Not-So-Green Gum: Is Chewing Sustainably a Reality?
Infographic by CustomMade


Do you have any projects or ideas you would like to share? Tell us about ideas that might also solve this littering problem in our cities, or what to do with it once it is harvested. Send us an email at info@inmatteria.com, tell us about it and we’ll spread the word.

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