The weekend Puerto Rican Designers shined at Boom Design Fair 2015.

The weekend Puerto Rican Designers shined at Boom Design Fair 2015.

This last week was an explosion of latin design as it boomed in Puerto Rico for the second time, when designers decided to show off their products, abilities and good taste at Ponce’s Faire Complex of Puerto Rico. A collision of brands on fashion, product, interiors, industrial design and jewelry design, in addition to local Architecture Schools; showcased their best to the Puerto Rican public along with local materials providers. Besides the exhibition, a series of talks were provided on topics regarding business, idea production and product innovation.

In case you missed it, a few images below can give you an insight in terms of product design and industrial design. Technologies such as 3d printing and virtual reality, so in vogue today, also made it to the faire. I was truly compelled by the amount of talent growing on the island and although the past fair had great designers too, but this year the number of talent grew and boomed with serious conviction, making everyone realize the importance of being an entrepreneur, dare yourself to get out there and grow big in no time, just like designer Kristoffer Julien told me about his adventure. Julien studied Industrial Design at Turabo University and at his start of career he designed a set of furniture made of iron and wood, which he sold at an attractive price the first day he exposed his work at Boom Design Fair 2015.

Aside to what the exhibition overlooked, the production team just did it again! Muuaaa®, the trademark that follows a team of people who really gave it all to produce an excellent show and responsible for INmatteria’s identity logo, has made it clear to the local commerce that business shows and design make the perfect connection for uncovering the talent that lies behind walls in Puerto Rico and hopefully expanding farther for latin America. The team led by Curator Celina Nogueras and Architect Miguel Miranda, made this event possible to eyes and ears of everyone who attended. Celina, who has a background and previous experiences organizing huge shows such as Circa a few years ago, brought this event for a second time with the same dedication and organization as previously delivered.

Don’t miss out on the video compilation provided by Boom Fair on their Facebook page, there’s live feed with interviews to designers, visitors and other exhibitors.



For those interested on all the names and brands that exhibited this past weekend at Ponce, here’s the list:

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