Interactive transparent display reduces carbon footprint

Interactive transparent display reduces carbon footprint

Energy consumption from plug-in devices such as the screen on which I am currently writing this post, is a high percentage in buildings today which all require to power up, run processors and illuminate the retina display I am looking at. Now imagine yourself using daylighting to expose the display on your computer and just using electrical lighting in the dark, cutting off some carbon footprint right for only the processing part?

Ink DropsThe company Tapl®, has invented a completely new and patent-pending interactive display with the capacity of becoming your computer display, a graphic design tool and possibly a whole window with interactive images and dual outside vision and touch screen capability.

“Launched in 2008, Taptl was focused on bringing high-quality transparent display technology into mainstream use. Inherent problems with the manufacturing of transparent LCD prevented it from becoming a sustainable platform at the time. Projector based solutions were prevalent throughout the DOOH market and are still used today. Unfortunately, that platform leaves a lot to be desired in terms of price, applicability, appearance, maintenance, and lifespan. We knew there was a better way! So we set our sights on developing a reliable alternative. We spent the next six years performing R&D on transparent LCD! The outcome has been nothing short of amazing. With prototypes being sold to Lockheed-Martin, Nike, and Tokyo University – we knew we had a hit!” – TAPTL

The possibilities are beyond exciting. Here are some proposals the company has to provided to Architectural firms such as Gensler and Westfield Labs. Allowing clear screens allows for permanent transparency along curtain walls and glass railings  and at the same time providing interactive imagery for enterprises and user interaction. Check them out here and follow their Facebook Page down below.

•• All images provided by Taptl.

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