New Materials approved by Material Connexion's monthly jury

New Materials approved by Material Connexion’s monthly jury

October has passed and right in the middle of November, new materials have landed at Material Connexion with amazing colors, strategies and assembly to take into account for your next projects.
Each one separated and into categories such as: carbon, cement, metal, glass, polymer, ceramic, process and natural; a new member of each family is welcomed since October.

Lets welcome: cork-disk mosaic, the acoustic panel composed of 100% recyclable polyester and the non-toxic alternative to chemical based anti-microbial treatments, just to mention a few.


Superfabric Sample

In addition, there’s a new fabric on the market with an outstanding performance called Superfabric®, and it is a material that is “lightweight, reflective, reinforced fabric constructed with ‘armor platelets’ made from a proprietary polymer composite, bonded onto the surface of a base polyester fabric” says MCX. Provides many applications such as footwear, clothing, military applications and more which require extreme resistance. It is not kevlar but it definitely provides excellent protection.

Find today, the Monthly Materials Update on the link-image below and talk to a Material Connexion Rep to get subscribed and enjoy physical samples too.

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