Insulated rammed earth walls: Upgraded beauties.

Insulated rammed earth walls: Upgraded beauties.


Sirewall Rammed Earth walls are a pneumatic compressed system created with soil mix layering inside a formwork, known also as pisé de terre or pisé (puddled clay) in french, an ancient technique that has revived with new technologies of creation but maintaining the essential compressing of soil. Now, ancestors created with walls in scenarios where maybe their community would dissappear or maybe with temporary mean (lets not be cruel) and the initial Rammed earth walls are created with 30% clay+70% sand. Nowadays, we encounter different situations that demonstrate that mother nature is really pissed off at us. In the caribbean, where I come from and blog from, we have to design everything seismic proofed; so this walls, are they seismic resistant?. SIREWALL, probably reacted to the non stabilized Rammed wall initially designed. Creator Meror Krayenhof with this innovative design, shows the same strategy only including a layer of foam insulation and steel reinforcements to stabilize the wall. Should we try this in Puerto Rico? As shown in the diagram, it looks pretty interesting they way it is composed, it’s like a natural version of Flexxowall but substituting the Plycem panels wih soil! Brilliant! Check out the data sheet, with all the information about structural and earthquake stability, thermal and green building performance. Pricing? well, all I can say is that you can save the cost of concrete and plycem panels, here you can use the top soils not needed for earthwork on your project! Life cycle costs, low maintenance, extended life of the construction plus, it’s 95% natural! Let’s keep on innovating!

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