'4D-printed' materials will adapt to stimuli - Technology Org

‘4D-printed’ materials will adapt to stimuli – Technology Org



3d printed materials have been established ever since military necessities aroused in self production and which now is starting to be domesticated for daily use in households. But what do you say about 4D printing, like the 4th dimension of perspective that Bruno Zevi stated as the perception of space, the journey. In the case of materials, it is the stimuli that the material itself projects towards the environment. I find this extraordinary, this is the future. Just like Jean- François Lyotard once argued about the innovation of materials had to deal with senses, its immateriality, today we are very close to it. Althouh it is under development, it wil be there.
Scientists are investigating the use of 4d printing for an extensive use as quoted:

“The ability to create one fabric that responds to light by changing its color, and to temperature by altering its permeability, and even to an external force by hardening its structure, becomes possible through the creation of responsive materials that are simultaneously adaptive, flexible, lightweight and strong. It’s this ‘complicated functionality’ that makes true 4D printing a game changer.”-Balazs.

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