POROCOM: The noise pollution killer.

POROCOM: The noise pollution killer.

Noise Pollution is a common situation encountered around large cities and tight spaces. Solutions for its reduction have turned architectural projects into fortresses of high walls in order to deviate the cone of sound and reduce resonance. But what about the materials required for the implementation of this inevitable ginormous wall?
It’s called Porocom®. An environmentally friendly material composed of granular binder a residue from the powder coating industry, using materials such as gravel, clay and glass shards. It is casted in a mould just as concrete, but not exactly with the same carbon emission.


POROCOM, noise pollution killer, composed of construction grinder and powder coatings.Porocom at Material ExperienceC3193-01-01


Porocom shown here with disposition of colors and moulds.

Porocom® shown here with disposition of colors and moulds.


• From construction debris, to a sound absorbent product.
• Contains paint coatings.
• Possible elastomeric polymers.

As exposed by Porocom, the product seems to prove innovation in sound absorption properties as  shown on the next sheet.Porocom specs
• Material Experience Exhibition
• Porocom® website.

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