Up-cycled newspaper returns to parent tree as wood

Up-cycled newspaper returns to parent tree as wood

The up-cycling process of newspaper into its natural source, wood. Newspaper wood has never been thought until Vij5 company along with Designer Mieker Meijer, understood the value of up-clycling and the reduction of garbage onto the environment.

Newspaper wood, evidently made out of old news; contains glue free of solvents and plasticizers which make it more difficult to recycle. Although recycling is good, up-cycling is a much better solution because of the properties upgrade and alternative use of the up-cycled material. As shown on the diagram below, the idea is to reinsert the material in the cycle of production as an extension of it and reconnecting the result with its supply chain in first place. Take a look at a brief synthesis about the difference between recycle and up-cycle, this last word coined in Cradle-to-Cradle by William McDonough.

Upcycling process of newspaper wood

Example of Newspaper wood planks, showing similar to wood grains.

Example of Newspaper wood planks, showing similar to wood grains.



Product designs have been generated by the Vij5 team with a variety of designs including the interiors of the prototype of the Peugeot Oxyx Concept Car. Watch the next video to enjoy  the details various wood parts inside the car.

In the making, this type of wood is actually designed as a real tree trunk with its bark layers in order to obtain the beautiful wood sections showing the correct grains as a natural tree wood. It can be sanded, oiled and perfectly cut just like a normal type of wood.  Although this product depends on amounts of trash by old news in print, at least trash is going somewhere highly useful with exquisite finish.

Newspaper wood jewelry Newspaper wood ID

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