L.A.N. Intensive Workshop for Makers in Puerto Rico

L.A.N. Intensive Workshop for Makers in Puerto Rico

LaN (Live Architecture Network) is planning a SAN JUAN PUERTO RICO WORKSHOP!

Want to learn Rhinoceros+ Grasshopper and RhinoCam with the machines included? Here is your opportunity. Get hands on the software and understand the process for incorporating your design onto the machine the right way! No messing up your 3d model, learn how to model for the correct process of manufacturing,; that is: 3d printing, CNC milling or laser cutting. Machine shops are sponsored by Constructo Digital, Tredé and Engine 4
Here the details:

Date options:
SEPT 25-30 or OCT 16-21 2014 (please state desired date in during notes during payment check-out)

// Pre-workshop digital distributions
Participants will receive online recommended texts + reference videos covering critical realms of: geometry, parametric thinking, prototyping, participants will be asked to post online individual introductions.

// Rhino – to – CNC Fabrication
Perhaps the most critical emphasis of this workshop is to enable participants a hands-on eye-opening experience into automated machining to recognize the great opportunity to generate bottom-up strategies from the earliest design stages that feed off of production aspects. Ultimately fabrication know-how can wisely empower design creativity and enable an incredibly cyclical digital < > physical workflow negating the more typical linear progression from design to building.

// Workshop production will utilize 3D PRINTING & CNC MILLING
Hands-on time-constrained CNC milling will highlight possibilities for creative resolve of time & economy of machining. Fabrication will exercise the feedback loop between design & production. Instructional sessions walk participants through machining interfaces– from generating tool-path code in RhinoCAM to loading to the CNC milling machine interface. All will learn about tool bits, speed settings, orienting your stock on the table, running a file and troubleshooting possible errors.

// Grasshopper parametric modeling
Described as a ‘visual programming for Rhino’… Grasshopper is a plug-in enabling a parametric design environment for designing relationships versus explicit objects or forms. Participants will learn basic functionality of this vast interface and overview wider possibilities designing with this dynamically powerful tool enables modeling of iterations.

// Workshop is designed to accommodate various levels of experience
Those with no Rhino experience will quickly becoming adept through integrated exercises focused on modeling for fabrication; those with some prior Rhino experience will be able to take their understanding far beyond basics of modeling to a further precise & wider understanding of its compatibility to design using parametric features of Grasshopper. All will realize how to to instrumentally drive design intentions in congruence with machining processes.

Place a $50 deposit to reserve a seat & vote for desired dates (you will be included on deciding brief details). Voting remains open until SEPT 1 Limited to 35 participants – If your desired dates are not chosen & you cannot attend announced dates your deposit will be refunded in-full instantly upon request. Total workshop fee will be announced Sept 2 (expected to range between $299-479, depending on the number of attendants).
Host location details will be provided as soon as determined.

#Rhino 3d modeling #RhinoCAM toolpath generation #3D Printing #Grasshopper visual programming

Don’t forget to reserve your space hereyou have until September 1st. to reserve and vote for a date.

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