Tredé: Puerto Rico's local spot for commercial 3d printing

Tredé: Puerto Rico’s local spot for commercial 3d printing

There is nothing more relevant these days, than the use of Additive Manufacturing or 3d printing as it is commonly called and the island of Puerto Rico already has incorporated the technology into its system. The company Tredé offers a space for you to come in and print your 3d models, participate of lectures, workshops or they can just make the model for you!

VGFounder of Tredé, Vicente Gascó is a designer and fabricator with a Masters Degree in Advanced Architecture from IAAC and a Bachelors in Environmental Design from University of Puerto Rico, School of Architecture, holding a strong interest in research and development who took the initiative of pioneering the use of additive manufacturing on the island of Puerto Rico. As this technology is growing at a fast pace, Vicente’s first aim is to encourage locals to upgrade their designs and ideas with this limitless technology offering his space as a startup for manufacturing, fabrication consultancy, trainings and workshops.  Vicente is also a STEM education researcher, and is currently teaching at the Dr. Facundo Bueso High School in Santurce, Puerto Rico; he is also part of tech communities and organizations such as 3d Hubs San Juan, co-director for Laboratory for Erroneous Design (LED), maker for Code 4 Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico’s Code 4 America Brigade), and community builder for co-working space Engine 4.

Which materials are used by Tredé?

The company prints in various materials with a growing library under development exactly as this technology is in the whole world. A few of these materials are: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) which is a thermoplastic polymer commonly used around us for many common items, is durable and more flexible than PLA (Polyactic Acid). This one is a Biodegradable thermoplastic polymer made from various renewable resources, which is a favorite for me for its environmental awareness. Another material used by Tredé3D is Taulman Bridge, a high strength nylon filament used on industrial applications and for prototypes, gears and replacement parts. Don’t miss out on this one, 3d printing with food safe filaments, FDA approved is the Taulman T-Glase filament, a tough glass made out the strongest combinations of PET Polymer. With this material, you can manufacture products and utensils used as food containers or drinking bottles. In the future, Gascó plans to incorporate a German Engineered wood filament called Laywoo-D3, made from 40% recycled wood added to a binding polymer. This material can produce a wood-like finish that can be carved, grinned, painted and stained just like any wood. Isn’t this amazing? Imagine all sorts of things you can create with a hybrid wood.


Besides being part of these communities and organizations, Vicente is responsible for designing additive manufactured plant pots called “Dendritas” or Dendrites, which are extended prolongations of neurons, re-interpreted through algorithm for the achievement of this beautiful design to be used as a planter, paper holder or even jewelry container. You give it your favorite use. At INmatteria, we love this kind of work, the use of materials is a constant questioning regarding this technology and the various forms obtained through this manufacturing process is highly relevant for this blog. More information and news on 3d printing on the Additive Manufacturing by INmatteria Magazine.


Dendrites by Tredé

Dendritas are made of PLA, the biodegradable filament and are available as an open source for you to download and 3d print via thingiverse. The flower pots are also sold printed at Etsy for a cost of $50.00, but you can get it now for $40.00 today and with an added 50% off!. If you don’t have access to a 3d printer and would love to win one for 50% off, enter the raffle below. Get this giveaway today to have the most possible chances of winning. Check out more images of this beautiful organic-shaped flower pot available in black and clear. Plants may vary according on availability.

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