Buna: The modular outdoor furniture made out of rubber waste

Buna: The modular outdoor furniture made out of rubber waste

Studio UAU has developed the outdoor bench and flowerpots line named “buna”, designed to be used in balconies, decks, yards, next to swimming pools and private outdoor areas in general. Its main goal is to reduce the environmental impact produced by a wasted material, such as discarded rubber from the tire retreading process. This project also proposes an alternative material for daily use objects and materializes the studio’s interest to contribute with society, by playing the game these designers enjoy playing the most, the game of design.

Named “buna” after the original synthetic rubber chemical initials, “bu” as Butadiene and “na” as Natrium, Buna is the first outdoor furniture line made of recycled rubber. Buna’s composite material made is of: 90% recycled rubber + 10% binder an innovative technological solution that takes advantage of a wasted material and converts it into useful raw material for the production of outdoor furniture.
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Due to the qualities of the composite material that includes flexibility and innovative texture; its porous composition allows fluid drainage through the material itself, it’s one of the reasons this product is ideal for outdoor spaces. Quality that stands out compared to traditional outdoor furniture made from conventional materials such as wood or metal, which require maintenance. The quality, finishes and texture of the product synthesize an appropriate combination of aesthetics and function capturing the attention of consumers, especially those committed to the environment.
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To be a leader in sustainable product design, focused on the horizon of creating projects of medium and large scale, at a national and international scale, while working with a holistic view of sustainability in each of its stages and processes.
To be a company dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing high quality sustainable products. To protect the environment by recycling and reusing resources through the use of new technologies and energy saving behaviors. The goal is to promulgate, through Sustainable Product Design, a new, healthier and responsible lifestyle.
Buna line
Composed by flowerpots and bench modules of 40 x 40 x 40cm tall and 40 x 40 x 20cm. The line was designed to allow users to create their own design according to space. The height difference of the modules allow greater flexibility to assemble different configurations in space. Offered in black color, the natural color of the tire.
Buna family
“Bunita” and “babybuna” flowerpots are born as the new members of buna family. Based on the original buna modules, but in a reduced scale. Both for exterior and interior smaller spaces. Because of their smaller size, these are also a great corporate gift product. Available colors: purple, pink, green, blue, gray and black.

Innovation is the basis of this project. Designing from an innovative material serves as a hub for the development of an innovative product. The use of waste as raw material and the implementation of unconventional materials in everyday products are synthesized into a product of sculptural, oversized but simple shapes, with textures that create a new visual experience and enticing to be touched allowing the experience of its comfort and material texture.

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All images, opinions and product descriptions, courtesy of Silvio Tinello and Estudio UAU.

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