Water is a limited resource and here is how to use it wisely

Water is a limited resource and here is how to use it wisely

This days have been a task for societies who have suffered from drought and were commonly used to daily water at their homes. 3rd. world countries lack of water and it is some sort of daily task to find water in order to survive, but for us civilians, it is like the end of the world (for some). Today we are witnessing an alarming situation where many water bodies are drying up because of Climate Change and some of us are not being reasonable with the rationing process this situation proclaims.

I’m talking about the unnecessary use of water for domestic use, water run-off, pool-filling and intensive irrigation.  Times are coming where water will be the most precious resource one that should’ve been all along and we will have to address the strategies always mentioned for sustainable constructions and harvest rain water when necessary. But that doesn’t mean you are buying a huge cistern to fill it up every time with tap water, this is like the last resource to use. The idea is to harvest rain water from roofs and use it for almost everything that is not potable in order to preserve the amount of water from reservoirs.

Many of our caribbean homes (and possibly other parts of the world), were not originally designed for collecting water from the roofs, so the gallons per square foot that we waste is going to the ground and becoming run-off, ending in our rivers and lakes with all the nitrates it carries. What can we do to solve this?

This next infographic includes all the information necessary to understand the footprint society has drawn with water, and it keeps growing and will grow bigger. The content of this information exposes where water comes from, where it is possible to acquire and how to make the best use of this limited resource. For this, certain strategies might need to be addressed for existing structures and new constructions should better implement water harvesting on their designs as an imperative move. I’m up for that.

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The Growing Global Water Footprint

The Growing Global Water Footprint
Infographic by CustomMade

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