Call for proposals: The 2016 Fuller Challenge is now open with a student category

Call for proposals: The 2016 Fuller Challenge is now open with a student category


Every year the Buckminster Fuller Institute, awards visionary solutions to humanity’s most pressing social, environmental and economic problems. The Call for Proposals has been announced inviting designers, architects, planners, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, activists and students for the challenge of winning the “Socially-resposible design’s highest award”.


GreenWave winning conceptual image 2015.

As a reference, last year’s winners were the team of GreenWave, a non-profit organization designing 3d farming in open sea, providing jobs at coastal communities and farming species in their natural environment and aiming for a restorative environmental farm. They save the oceans in order to create jobs and saving ourselves.

Previous Challenge winners include also Living Breakwaters (built environment), Ecovative (materials innovation) and Living Building Challenge (coastal adaptation); all of them with projects that reflect the interest of providing a better environment by solving a social, environmental and economical problem, all awarded with the amount of $100,000.00 and the opportunity of presenting the project at the Institute.

The Buckminster Fuller Institute proudly announces the 2016 Fuller Challenge and for the first time ever, a new category is added:

The student award category is established for currently enrolled, university-level individual students and student teams. It is the first time this category is added to the challenge because of the many entries previously received to the Challenge.

“This is the first time that student entries to the Challenge will undergo a separate review and selection process. While student proposals will not be in the running for the $100,000 grand prize, the selected Finalists and Winner will receive support, media recognition, and benefits through our Catalyst Program.”

March 1st, 2016 at 5 pm ET is the D-day to submit your project and you cannot miss it. If there is a project proposal you have been working on for a while regarding the characteristics and vision the BFI is seeking, I fully suggest you to try it and submit it with all your heart and passion. There is not more gratifying feeling than at least participating and if winning, knowing that you will be providing something positive to the world you are living in.

Now, who will be reviewing this Challenge?

As explained at their website, entries will be evaluated by:
• BFI’s Review Committee and consultancy by a panel of renowned advisors including:
• Janine Benyus  (Co-founder, Biomimicry Institute)
• Amy Chester (Managing Director, Rebuilt by Design)
• William McDonough  (Architect, McDonough + Partners)
• David Orr (Author, The Nature of Design)
• Alice Rawsthorn (Journalist, International NY Times
+ others.

BFI seeks “whole system solutions that demonstrate a clear grasp of the ‘big picture’ and focus on a well-defined need of critical importance. Read more about it here.

If you wish to participate rush into the link below and register for this amazing Challenge inspired by the great R. Buckminster Fuller and the extension of his legacy.



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