Welcome materials lovers!

This present blog is inspired on the constant questioning of materials that surround us everyday, buildings, products, surfaces, our environment. Standardization has made us forget about natural resources for creating and building structures and it is my eager research of alternatives in the creation of new strategies, composite materials and techniques of making them, that embraces this blog.  It all started while studying for my thesis, with the task of designing architecture that would explain the concept of transparency that required blurring limits, demonstrating transitions and constant movements of the Puerto rican community between the island of Puerto Rico and New York City. I started exploring recycled rubber for my models and along the way wondering about how it was made. Since then, I understood that my project wasn’t about building specifically, it was about materials…

Now that I find myself in process of obtaining my architectural registration, this research implies a complement for my studies, the expansion of knowledge, for me and all you interested in the beautiful world of materials…the man-made and nature-aided components of our environment.

Feel free to send any ideas, suggestions and comments that can upgrade this journey that started with curiosity of altering the composition of certain construction materials. It will be a long journey, but will be the beginning of a bright future.



Mabel Plasencia | Assoc. AIA
Founder and Editor of INmatteria.

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